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Jinbioretail has a philosophy that sustainable development can be achieved by considering transparent management such as eco-friendly, socially responsible management, and improved governance.

Jinbio Retail is a Jeju local company that aims to produce clean products just like the clean environment of Jeju.

The microbial deodorizer produced by
Jinbio Retail Co., Ltd.

effectively removes stench and unpleasant odor. It uses specially cultured beneficial microorganisms and nature-derived raw materials to get rid of various odors around our lives. The deodorizer is non-toxic and does not contain any chemical components such as alcohol. It is harmless to the human body and does not cause skin irritation; thus, it can be safely used in our daily lives. In particular, it has 99% deodorizing performance against trimethylamine, which is the cause of ammonia and fishy smell. As various certificates of authorized institutions such as Korea Conformity Laboratories (KCL) prove, it boasts of excellent quality without containing various toxic substances like formaldehyde, etc.

Product field

Environmental Hygiene Product


Washing tub cleaner

Microbial deodorize

Foot Odor Cleaner

Product Type

It produces clean products like the environment of clean Jeju.


it is manufactured by extracting and culturing microorganisms with natural materials.

Microbial deodorizer

It is a deodorizer using natural microorganisms, it is harmless to the human body.

Washing tub cleaner

Since it is made by extracting nature-derived microorganisms and cultivating it is safe to use and does not cause any harm to the human body.

Foot Odor Cleaner

It is a product made by specially culturing natural microorganisms and does not contain chemical ingredients, so it can provide a pleasant environment to your feet.


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